Anorexia and gender dysphoria

Purple Sage

Glosswitch wrote an excellent post called The Right Way for Women to Disappear that compares and contrasts anorexia and gender dysphoria. Both of them involve a rejection of the female body and a desire to change it to appear less feminine. Glosswitch herself has a history of anorexia and she has a feminist analysis of her condition.

“I am not at home in the body I have. I’ve never got over the desire to tell people, the first time I meet them, that this isn’t the real me. The real me is thin, breastless, narrow-hipped. This version of me is a poor compromise, a pathetic accommodation. I look like a woman but actually I identify as a human being.”

“I look back on the force-feeding to which I was subjected and see in it a type of conversion therapy. Womanhood, I had decided, was not for me. I sought to…

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